How to Drive Women Crazy

What if you happened to like a woman you are seeing, even if she is older than you? How do you make her really like you back? If you want to drive a woman crazy, simply apply most of the following tactics as often as possible:

  1. The most important rule a guy needs to remember is that sex for women extends beyond the bedroom.
    Most guys behave well before sex because they know they won't get it if they don't, but a lot forget that what you do after sex counts as much as what you do during sex, if not more. This means that if you want a woman to be crazy about you, after you've had a sexual encounter with her, a make-out session or something physical, you need to do something romantic.  It can be something as simple as a short and sweet email with sexy details that would show her that you want her or a bouquet of flowers - do what your situation demands or permits. Even if you are in a friends-with-benefits or fuck-buddy arrangement, do not turn your cougar off by neglecting this rule. You will only lose by doing so. Keeping your woman excited about sleeping with you has numerous benefits, and it is not difficult, so make sure you follow this rule, especially in the early stages of your encounter.

  2. Remember that a woman's G spot is in her ears. When you see her in person, pay compliments, tell her that you are crazy about her, mention out-loud what body parts of hers you find particularly attractive, tell her you've been jerking off thinking about her. If you can't see each other often, do all this by email or text or chat or even better over the phone, when she can hear your voice.

  3. Give presents at least occasionally. Presents don't have to be expensive, a simple one flower or a small box of chocolates - this is particularly effective if you do that for no reason. Make sure it is something romantic (flowers, jewelry, chocolates, lingerie, spa coupons).

  4. Always note what she is wearing, especially new lingerie. Make sure to comment on hew new outfits with something pleasant. 

  5. Remember this: having a good penis gives you merely 25% of advantage. If you love sex, if you are not lazy and creative and above all - attentive to your woman's needs, you can be a eunuch and still be a great lover and have women go crazy about you. They say Casanova was not well endowed at all and yet women could not resist him and were crazy about him. Download my ebook and follow the tutorial on how to become an amazing lover.

  6. Take care to look good and dress really well, don't be cheap, buy new fancy clothes. If only men knew how important this point is, they would spend half of their income on clothes.

  7. Send emails or texts often, stay in touch with her, type of few sentences each time, not just a couple of words from your phone, be flirty and sexual in your texts.

  8. Talk about how you feel, how you look forward to doing things with her (not only sex!). Tell her how you felt when she did or said this or that, discuss various romantic details from your encounters with her, emphasize what you like about her.

  9. Be very supportive and take her side. Listen to all her stories and complains and support her side of the story (find something to support!! even if it is a simple "oh well, at least now we know that this was a waste of time").

  10. Do tell her you like or love her! A smart woman will know whether this is true or not, but will still be pleased by the very fact that you decided to say that; a silly woman will believe you and as a result will also be pleased. Most women will soften up towards you after that and will be tamed like newborn puppies.

  11. Do not get annoyed if she asks for reassurance by complaining about her body, give her plenty of reassurance even if you are fed up with her complaining.

  12. This one is key, especially if you are thinking something long-term with this person: do something useful for her. Take her to the gym and get her into a routine, take her on a trip to another city, it can be a road trip to buy something that is supposedly unavailable in your city, teach her how to skate, how to use a hammer, how to fix something around the house, etc. The trick is not to wait for her to ask you for help. Make sure you offer help by yoursel. To determine what she might need, listen to what she is talking about and note things that she might need and then offer your help and act on it - do not wait for her to remind you, you need to take initiative here if you want it to be effective.

  13. If you notice she is being overly selfish (a lot of women who are very popular with men ARE selfish - coincidence..?? me thinks not), don't let her humiliate or mistreat you, even if she is a model and you are just a regular guy. But here, a smart man would distinguish between a woman being cranky and needing to vent our her negative energy and her being overly selfish, nasty and bitchy. Learn how to do that - and women will be falling into your arms like mangoes during tropical storm. If you are dealing with a particularly gorgeous and spoiled woman, the rule to remember is "you can't tame a wild animal with a whip or withdrawal, it will continue to bite or show you its teeth or will try to run away from you, but you can eventually tame this animal with treats, attention and petting". Decide how patient you want to be based on your circumstances. 

  14. Once your woman has warmed up to you - she started sending you texts, emails and calling you, asking you about your feelings and thoughts, etc. (few women understand how men think and most will make these mistakes, so you can expect the daily texts and occasional relationships or feelings talk!) - and once you are sure she considers you a good romantic friend, then you need to do something to hurt her feelings. Important: a romantic friend is different from just a friend. To stay away or get out from the just-a-friend zone, use compliments, flirts and small gifts.

ATTENTION: This something "hurtful" has to be light, without offending a person's dignity. No cheating or betrayal, nothing serious. Just something to hurt her ego, to make her experience emotional turbulence or even turmoil, but from which she can recover fully and rather quickly. Pretend you got offended by something, criticize her personality trait that deserves criticism (tell her she is selfish), and stay offended for a few days. Make sure that before you do that, you had been very passionate, nice, and at least a little useful to her, so that she has warmed up to you emotionally. Act the nice guy role for a couple of months. Not just one-two weeks. Then hurt her emotionally and enjoy the results :)

If you really want to make a woman fall for you, have a couple of such cycles within 4-6 months: start a relationship, be very sweet, passionate and romantic, do useful things for her and then hurt her feelings. But then - then - make sure to initiate a steamy makeup session each time you hurt her!! Be overtly sexual, insist and get what you want. She won't mind. She will be crazy about you. You can count on it.


It makes me a little sad that we all need to use tactics to win lovers and partners, that our "inner souls" do not get appreciated as is and that we need to be shrewd and careful when dealing with the opposite sex but lets wipe off our tears and focus on what's important: if something works, why question it - use it.

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